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Being considered as the prevalent European trade fair of the pharmacy sector, Expopharm has always been in the central most stage, highly recognized as the leading meeting point for over 50 years now. Just click here for you to get more info super jackpot. There’s nowhere else where you can meet with the decision-makers and leading industry players at expopharm trade fair. Exhibitors exhibiting at expopharm use this huge opportunity to network with the industry’s prominent faces and most importantly, focus on targeting the ideal audience group and convert the prospect lead into the customer.

Other than that, Expopharm Dusseldorf is the combination of different formats offering not just the classic trade fair experience, but also the lifetime opportunity for industry professional training and exchange of scientific knowledge and valuable information. Moreover, as an exhibitor exhibiting at expopharm Dusseldorf trade fair, you have the opportunity to display your company as the most relevant solution to your customer and partner to set market diaphragm with your knowledge and expertise. So get ready to position yourself as the successful exhibitor at expopharm and benefit the most from maximum attention! However, if you are wondering of more reasons to exhibit at expopharm trade fair in 2021 then here are the reasons you must look up to.

5 Reasons To Participate In Expopharm Dusseldorf

The platform assists you in setting new market impulses while offering you the stage to market your products and solution to the pharmacy market.

Take benefits from the immense expertise of the Avoxa media group in the pharmacy sector with its media, digital services, drug databases, trade fairs, and congresses.

You can avail the benefits from expopharm’s year-round online presence and media coverage that can help expand your business while aiding you to reach your targeted audience group.

Opportunity to build a network with leading industry leaders, and decision-makers along with the healthcare politicians, science enthusiasts including the press at the industry’s biggest get-together of the year.

Most significantly, expopharm trade fair in Dusseldorf helps in positioning your brand as an expert in your market area along with the additional visibility in the show’s exchange formats and stand out from the industry competition.

Interesting Facts & Figures For The Exhibitors Participating In Expopharm Trade Fair In Dusseldorf

7000 + pharmacists

50 + workshops

3500 + listeners

250 + talks and events

500 + exhibitors

4000 + international visitors

1500 + retailers and importers

130 + top speakers on 3 stages

25,000 + trade fair visitors

32,000 square metres of floor space

4000 + pharmacy owners

91% of visitors intent to return to the expopharm trade fair

5000 + pharmacy owners pharmacy technicians

2000 + pharmaceutical commercial assistance