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The re-opening of the exhibition industry has again expanded the great business opportunities and learning platforms that help nurture businesses around the world. Since from 15th June, the exhibition industry will be actively doing business, EMO Milano 2021 has announced the trade show dates. The show will be taking place from 4th October to 9th October under the mobility rules advised by the government. The mobility rules for all European countries and in between the European Union and the United States are well taken care of at an advanced stage. In case, you are wondering about the reason for the early re-opening of the exhibition industry, then it is the progress of vaccination and the agreement on the free mobility of people across the European countries, between the European Union and new countries added to the list of free mobility. Hence, it reassures the success of the EMO Milano trade show 2021- the world’s leading machine tool event.

Press Conference Presenting EMO Milano Trade Show

Press Conference was held for the Taiwanese public on January 22 to present EMO Milano 2021- the world’s greatest exhibition representing the metalworking machine tool manufacturing industry, to be scheduled at Fiera Milano in October 2021. The conference was attended by 50 plus participants including machine tool manufacturers, journalists, and representatives of local organizations.

Conference’s agenda was to ensure trade show visitors’, exhibitors’, and the show organizers’ safety throughout the EMO exhibition that was scheduled to take place within its exhibition and congress centers. In regards to this, the Fiera Milano Group formulated safety measures for the repression of the spread of coronavirus that demonstrates the methods for the safe trade show conduct in full compliance with the health protocols and rules issued at the national level.

Business Opportunities At EMO Milano

According to the forecast predicted by Oxford Economics, after a 23.4 percent fall registered in 2020, the 2021 year may bring a noticeable recovery in machine tool consumption worldwide which is expected to rise by 18.4 percent to 61 billion euros. Since EMO Milano has always been recognised as an un-forgettable trade show by the industry, in 2021 it is subjected to play a significant role in helping the industry to boom in a remarkable role. This forecast highlights crystal clear business opportunities at EMO 2021 for machine tool manufacturers.

Exhibiting at the EMO trade show 2021 will thus be an outstanding business opportunity to identify and fulfill the future growth of respective businesses and demand. Moreover, foreign operators who always attend this world’s prominent machine tool exhibition make the business opportunities event wider. Here’s all you would need to know about the products displayed at EMO: metal forming and metal cutting machine tools, enabling technologies, production systems, additive manufacturing, and solutions for interconnected and digital factories. All these will be amongst the products and solutions that you will be seeing at EMO MILANO 2021. Such technologies and products transform the Fiera Milano Rho into the prime digital factory ever arranged on exhibition fairground. So, get to exhibit and benefit from EMO.